Come as a guest, leave as a friend

Mannheim Greeters

Become a Greeter

The Idea

As Greeters, we like to welcome visitors to our city as guests, just as we would do with friends and acquaintances that come to us. We just feel like getting to know the guests of our city and, on a voluntary basis, we see it as a community service.

As a Greeter, one can easily get into contact with many interesting people from different towns, countries and continents. There is the chance to apply and broaden one’s language skills. In addition, new friendships and reciprocal cultural exchange may develop.

You are interested in meeting people from other towns, countries and continents?

Why not contact us and become a Greeter?


What a Greeter does

A Greeter looks after groups of 1 to 6 guests and takes care that they feel well looked after. He or she gives them a chance to feel a part of this city – in every kind of weather – and makes sure that they get a unique and very personal impression of it.

On his walk the Greeter shows them his part of the town, his favourite places, its farmer`s market, special shops, historical buildings, just everything that constitutes his home town for him. He may also talk about aspects that cannot necessarily be found in a guide book. He gives information and is ready to answer any questions, e.g.: how can I use public transport, which ticket do I have to buy, where is the nearest food store?


You like living in this city and would like to share your enthusiasm with other people?

Not much is required to become a Greeter:

  • You love our town.
  • You are interested in meeting new people.
  • You enjoy guiding people through our town.
  • You are reliable.
  • You accept the Greeters’ Core Values for your participation.

More information, please!

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